5 Important Things to Keep In Mind While High Pressure Cleaning the Roof

There is a common misconception among the Melbourne homeowners that high pressure cleaning for a roof is not safe as it causes damage to the tiles and shingles. Though a part of this might be true, roofing experts still recommend opting for high pressure cleaning in Melbourne to increase the lifespan of the roof and giving it a healthy and clean look.

In this process, even the gutters are thoroughly cleaned and hence enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home and make it look neat and tidy. High pressure cleaning not only promises a clean look but also enables smooth surfaces for repainting and repairing your roof.

There are a lot of tips and factors that you need to keep in mind to ensure you hire the right company who can use pressure washers with right psi speed to effectively remove all the dirt, moss and other waste accumulated on the roof in a hassle-free manner and without causing any damage to the roof. Let’s take a look:

  1. Don’t Use Pressure Washer At Its highest Setting

Though setting pressure washer at the highest psi helps you achieve the fastest results and clean the dirt easily, it can also cause the damage to the shingles. Thus, it is highly recommended to avoid using high pressure cleaner at its highest setting. This allows you to remove the algae, moss and dirt accumulated on the roof without causing any damage, breakage or leakage to the tiles or shingles of the roof.

  1. Be Careful in Using Pressure Washer

High pressure cleaning in Melbourne needs to be done with utmost care. Always hire the professionals who are competent in carefully using the power washer so that the water doesn’t flow under the roof shingles. They know how to use the right angle so that the water flows downwards towards the roof edge. When pointed downward, it won’t cause any leakage on the roof surface.

  1. Be Careful While Walking

While washing shingles with such high pressure and psi velocity, be extremely careful about walking on the hose and maneuvering around the rooftop. Ensure that you do not step on the shingles and instead walk only on the rafters or support beams of the roof.  Make sure to step lightly to avoid breaking the shingles while cleaning the roof.

High Pressure Cleaning Melbourne

  1. Select The Right Machine And Tools

When you are having your roof professionally cleaned, ensure that the washer they use should be of the highest standards and technologically advanced. They might use just water or chlorine. No matter what they solvent they use, the high pressure waster should be from the trusted brand and should be used in a certain way that clean the roof completely without causing any damage to the roofing material.

  1. Know the Limits of the Pressure Washer

While using high pressure cleaning in Melbourne to clean your roof you need to understand that some stains and sports are so rigid that they are impossible to remove. That’s why, understanding the limits of the machine is essential is vital so that you don’t end up applying too much pressure which might adversely damage the roof shingles.

Pressure cleaning roof includes a lot of risks, and hence, always hire a professional high pressure cleaning Melbourne company in order to keep yourself away from the hassle and getting the high-end results.

How Frequently Should You Pressure Wash Your Roof?

It is highly recommended to opt for high-pressure cleaning in Melbourne every two to three years, on average. You also need to ensure you are always compliant with Australian standards. If you start noticing dark patches on your roof, it’s a sign of mould.

Depending on the material of your roof you might need to extra care when pressure cleaning your roof. Let’s take a deeper look:

  • Asphalt Roof

For asphalt composite single roof, no more than 30 psi is required for pressure washing. This is similar to a garden sprayer but to safely reach the entire roof you need special equipment. Always hire the professionals to do the job. They use a special non-toxic cleaner that doesn’t harm the shingles or metal fastenings.

  • Tile Roof

While pressure cleaning it’s essential to take extra care to not crack the tiles. Roof laid using clay and ceramic tile requires the same low setting as asphalt roof.  It is highly recommended to seal the clay tiles with a protective coating to prevent the growth of moss and other organisms.

  • Rain Gutters

Gutters are an essential part of the roof system and they need to be cleaned to alleviate leaves, dirt and other debris. A careful high pressure cleaning in Melbourne can clean most gutters and the downspouts. This discourages the growth of mould under the roof attic and on the building walls.

Benefits of Using High Pressure Cleaning to Clean the Roof       

  1. Increases The Roof Life

Many people believe that the mould, moss, lichen or algae is only a cosmetic issue, but that’s not true. They feed on the base of the shingles, loosens the foundation, leaving your roof porous and prone to damage.  With regular professional high pressure roof cleaning, you can prevent their growth, ultimately saving money and trouble of replacing the roof prematurely.

  1. Increases Property Value

A dirty roof or a roof covered with black stains exhibit your carelessness towards the property. A stained roof can raise suspicion in potential home buyer and will not be willing to buy the home. This can easily be avoided by having the roof professionally pressure washed before putting your house on the market listing.

  1. Reduces Energy Costs

Black pigmentation of the roof absorbs more heat. These keep the temperature higher by stopping the granules from reflecting the light. The higher the temperature, the harder your air conditioning system needs to work, ultimately raising the energy bills. To save yourself from this, it’s better to start taking care of your roof from today itself.

  1. Saves Money

When you compare the price of the higher pressure cleaning in Melbourne to the expense a filthy and damaged roof can cause, you will know that pressure washed roof helps you in saving energy costs, enhances property value and increases roof life expectancy.


The main concern people usually have is that the hard jet of the water ejecting from the nozzle of the pressure washer is too strong and will damage or loosen the shingles, leaving roof porous and vulnerable to rain. This is possible only when amateur or untrained personnel do the job. It takes experience and skills to do it properly. Consult a professional pressure cleaning technicians. They know the different roof types and can apply the right pressure to clean your roof safely and effectively.

Last but not the least, have your roof cleaned by a reputed high pressure cleaning Melbourne company and save on maintenance costs in the long run!

Why High Pressure Cleaning Is More Effective Than Other Cleaning Methods?

The exterior surface of a Melbourne property may become damaged, due to the harsh environmental conditions, which cause the paint to chip and dirt to accumulate. Over time the paint may become dull or start to come off. To deal with such situation, pressure cleaning in Melbourne is recommended, so that owners can keep their property fresh and clean.

Pressure cleaning not only works on the exterior surface of a property but also on the following regions:

  • Garage Door
  • Fencing
  • Driveways And Walkways
  • Outdoor Grills
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Patios And Decks
  • Swimming Pools
  • Decorative Signs And Statues

Before applying a new coat of paint a good pressure wash is quite beneficial and is the much preferred option, over other cleaning methods. Let us discuss its benefits in detail:

pressure cleaning Melbourne 

  1. Increased Property Value

A good pressure washing along with the much-needed touch ups and siding replacements, can help increase the value of a home. These updates are crucial when it comes to selling a home.

Prospective buyers are always interested in a property which is in top condition. Therefore, any investment made for keeping a property in a good condition will fetch rich profits in the future.

  1. Improve Curb Appeal

Every time in spring, homeowners spend a huge amount of time and money working on renovating the landscape and decorating their property. Cleaning the property’s exterior and fencing is also a part of this process.

The surface where you are going to apply paint needs to be clean, to enhance the overall look and feel. This may be very important while selling the home.

  1. Preventative Maintenance

Regularly scheduled pressure washings, prevent dust and mildew from breaking into a home and relieving owner anxiety about the need to replace chipped paint, rotted wood and premature aging. A good pressure washing before the paint surely helps the new paint to last longer, than if it is painted on a muddy surface.

In addition to this, preventative maintenance also helps in preserving the structure of a property for a long time. In this way, the owners can expect good value for the money invested in the property.

  1. Protection Against Bacteria

The exterior surfaces of properties accumulate dirt, mildew and bacteria that must not be present. As these agents are very harmful to human health and property, they must be removed as quickly as possible.

The best way to deal with a situation, where the property faces the severe damage by external agents, is to clean it yearly with the help of pressure cleaning. Removing the contaminants will keep the owners and the pets safe from detrimental health consequences.

  1. Ease Of Use

When the walls and windows of a property are out of reach, then a pressure washer wand can deliver much better results, than just scrubbing away the discolouration or the dirt. Commercial pressure cleaning units contain powerful engines, ceramic pistons and durable pumps which function optimally when required.

The features, accessories and high-quality components make high pressure cleaning in Melbourne suitable for practically any application, including garages, concrete, removing mildew, fencing and retaining walls. Pressure cleaning equipment is strong and quieter. As it can be used at a variety of properties, this equipment is quite versatile and a must-have for high-quality cleaning jobs.

  1. Environmentally Friendly

Pressure cleaning is extremely environmentally friendly, as no harsh chemicals are used. If a cleaning solution needs to be used, then it must be made sure that it is safe for the environment. Nobody wants a poisonous chemical to go into the drain and out into the ocean. If needed, one can always opt for the biodegradable cleaning agents.

Often cleaning can be done with just plain water. Regardless, which method is used for pressure cleaning, it is extremely safe and quite a beneficial activity for the environment and the homeowners, both.

  1. Adding Sparkle

The correct pressure cleaning method helps to bring back the sparkle. The best way to do so is to hire a professional cleaner, who is well trained to handle any type of cleaning surface and works efficiently.

Surfaces which are fully clean show their natural sheen and look really amazing. Pressure cleaning leaves most surfaces very hygienic and in a sparklingly clean state. Such a place is great for the residents of a property and is quite a joy to have.

  1. Better Cleaning

The pressure cleaner is so much efficient, that a few days work can be achieved in just a few hours. This saves precious time, which can then be devoted to other activities. Pressure cleaning is definitely better than ordinary cleaning job as it cleans a surface deeply.

We can say that pressure cleaning in Melbourne is one of the best cleaning methods we have due to the high-quality work delivered and the safety of its use. Clients may be willing to invest in those services that are suitable for their requirements and are affordable.


Thus, we see that pressure cleaning is a very good option, for those who want to keep their properties in the best-cleaned state. It consumes much less time and any type of surface can be pressure cleaned. The owners not only add value to the property, but also gain immense personal satisfaction by investing in such services.

The high pressure cleaning Melbourne market will continue to grow in the future, when more people require high-quality cleaning services. Investment in pressure cleaning is quite a good option and clients have much to gain, from these expert services.