How to Identify and Repair a Broken Gutter

There are some parts of the home that people, including you, tend to forget. One such area is your roof gutter. But, to note, rain gutters have an important thing to do, they route the water from your roof so that it drains away from the house. A clean and intact roof gutter can help you prevent water damage during or after rainstorms.

If we talk about Melbourne, the majority of houses have rain gutters attached to their roofs. But, the mistake that the majority do is to forget about maintaining it. Failing to clean gutters can have some severe consequences. Read our blog to know about what happens if you don’t clean your gutters? 

Well, it is imperative to make sure that your roof gutters are intact i.e. in the perfect condition. And if they are cracked, corroded and are not doing their job effectively, you should consider replacing them. The major concern amidst all this is; how will you spot these signs? How will you opt for the roof gutter cleaning? Let’s have a look at it.

What Should Be Done to Maintain Your Roof Gutter?

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Below-mentioned are some ways that will assist you in identifying the issues related to your roof gutter before it becomes a grave issue.

  • Check and Clean the Roof Gutters Regularly

The basic way to spot the issue with your roof gutter is to inspect them and carry out the cleaning by a professional on a regular basis. There are many professionals who take the responsibility of gutter cleaning in Melbourne eastern suburbs. So, without waiting until you find a clog, it is recommended to set up a regular maintenance schedule to check the condition of the gutters.

You should inspect them closely to check whether there are any signs of damage or if it is broken. This is necessary as the gutters are exposed to a lot of wear and tear over the years, so there are high chances of leaks and holes to happen. So, identifying these issues at the early stage is always better as it will prompt you to solve it immediately.

Apart from inspecting, cleaning them at least twice a year is better in order to have a peace of mind that their condition is intact. But, if you are typically living in an area that observes stormy weather or is covered with a number of trees, you might consider the roof gutter cleaning in Melbourne more often.

  • Seal up the Leaks, In Case You Find Any

Leaks can easily happen to your roof gutters, and in case you find one, the first thing you should do is to seal it up. If you are having the technical know-how, you can even do it for yourself as for a leaky gutter issue, all you need to do is to seal it with some caulk or roofing cement. In case of small holes, you may require a gutter sealant. Once you get the sealant, spread it evenly on the leaking area with a putty knife. Well, it is recommended to carry out the repair work on a dry, warm day.

On the other hand, if you spot a bigger leakage issue, in this case, you will require a gutter patching kit that comes along with a sheet-metal patch. Simply add the patch to your roofing cement while adding another layer of cement over it. If you think it is a complicated job, you always have a professional to do the work of repair as well as roof gutter cleaning for you.

  • Replace the Sagging Gutters

Sometimes, a simple patch job is not enough to solve your problem. If the issue is severe and you find your roof gutters to be sagging, it is best to replace it. Installing a gutter yourself can be a tough task as you may require a lot of experience. Hence, it is best to opt for the professionals who give you the guarantee of the superior workmanship.

Installing the gutter must definitely be done accurately. You must be accurate with the measurements here like you need to pitch it down with at least a quarter inch of slope for every 10 feet. Checking the slope level is imperative while installing the gutter as if it is improper, you can end up with the standing water.

Taking Preventative Measures Can Always Be a Great Help

If you are running too busy with your daily schedule and are unable to invest time towards roof gutter cleaning in Melbourne, you can even opt for the options like gutter guards and Leaf-catchers. Still, even after using these products be careful with inspecting its condition as there are the chances of debris accumulation on your roof gutters. Also, ensure that if you are considering any of these products, they must be easily removable in case you want to carry out a gutter cleaning.

In short, if you include the basic prevention measures like inspecting and identifying the issues and above all, solving them upfront can help you maintain the roof gutter. Also, considering regular gutter cleaning in Melbourne eastern suburbs will add on to serve your purpose of keeping your roof gutters clean, intact and performing, exactly the way it is intended to.

How Does Changing Climate Affect Your Gutters?

Melbourne is the city where people are amazed by the varied seasons and unpredictable climatic conditions. The climate is generally warm in summer, gentle in autumn, crisp in winter and enjoyable in spring. Due to these changeable climatic conditions, it becomes essential to maintain your home and surroundings. The first step towards home maintenance is roof gutter cleaning.

Importance of Roof Gutter Cleaning in Melbourne

As the climate of Melbourne changes frequently, regular maintenance of your home becomes the necessity. It is the long way to preserve the value of your investment. A well-maintained roof gutter system is the way towards the healthy condition of roof, walls, and landscape. Also, it is responsible for controlling the flow of rainwater in order to protect your house foundation.

If you ignore maintaining your gutter it can cause you a lot of money in future, so remember to add roof gutter cleaning on your maintenance calendar at least once a month.

Why Climate Change Affects Your Gutter?

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It is the proven fact that climate change is influenced by the number of factors such as human activities, volcanic eruptions, movements of plates tectonics on the earth surface and other biological processes can cause climate change. This changing climate is responsible for affecting the roof gutters. So, it is essential to opt for gutter cleaning in Melbourne eastern suburbs.

Many Melbournians gets frustrated when it comes to maintaining their gutters because despite taking essential care gutters get clogged. This happens because of weather change and the falling leaves collected in your gutter. They remain in your gutter till the winter sets in.

During winter roof gutters get a freeze and as soon as spring enters it melts. So, if you ever ignored your gutters over the last, eventually it causes the damage to your house. The siding of the house, foundation and even the landscaping can be ruined if you don’t maintain your gutters. Check out the effective tips and tricks of spring gutter cleaning. There are numbers of factors which are responsible for affecting your roof gutter through due to the changes in climate including:-

  1. Roof Gutter Size

When it comes to climate change, size of your roof gutters matters. This is because every gutter is built differently and they might have been made to handle a lot of rainfall or downpour.  Therefore, if the weather condition is harsh for a long period of time, your roof gutter might start wearing out quickly. Contact professional roof gutter cleaning service provider to help you with all the gutter cleaning needs.

  1. Rainfall And Clogging

The gutter system is designed for preventing rainwater away from your roof, siding, bricks and landscaping.  However, with changing climate many leaves, mud or other debris are responsible for the clogged gutter. The water will be stuck in the gutters which will make it heavy and it might pull away from the anchoring. So, opt for regular roof gutter cleaning in Melbourne in order to check the shape and position of your gutters after heavy rainfall and also to observe that the water is flowing freely from the downspout.

  1. Effect Of Ice And Snow

One of the most dangerous elements of your roof gutter is ice and snow. With the changing climate, there is the possibility of the ice and snow to settle down inside your gutters. Due to this, it adds weight to the gutter and it might get separated from your house. Also, it has been noticed that the freezing water and melting process leads to cracks between sections of gutters. Therefore, it is important to observe your gutters on a fixed interval of time and ensure that the sides are not bulging our or sagging downward.

  1. Corrosion

From heavy rainfall, snow to a large amount of sunlight, are considered as the essential aspects of frequent changing climate, which results in corrosion and rusting on the gutters. Corrosion occurs when the gutters are made up of iron and come in contact with water elements, producing a chemical that might be harmful to your health when consumed.


Climate change is the natural consequence which can’t be handled. Therefore, all you can do is to have a regular roof gutter cleaning in Melbourne and avoid the further damage to roof gutters due to changing climate. Also, for proper gutter repair and maintenance service, it is essential to contact professionals to get the job done right. Always keep in mind, never try to repair or install roof gutter by yourself, when you don’t have prior experience.